Coffee Set Products

Coffee theme products make the perfect gifts/favors, whether they be espresso cups or coffee cups. Economical, attractive, compact and practical, a coffee theme gift is appropriate for any occasion and will work with any of your guests decor.
4D80 - 4pc Espresso Design set Biscotti Plate
Product ID : 4D80

Base Price: $5.99
3P-180 - 4pc Espresso set w/Espresso pot silver design
Product ID : 3P-180

Base Price: $9.50
3P-184 - 4pc Espresso set w/Espresso pot gold design
Product ID : 3P-184

Base Price: $9.50
SW605 - 6pc Stainless demi spoons "Dorato" design
Product ID : SW605

Base Price: $6.65
01-02822-S - 12pc Espresso set in Hat box Calli design
Product ID : 01-02822-S

Base Price: $10.85
6SQ-800 - 6 cup 6 saucer in square box 2 tone
Product ID : 6SQ-800

Base Price: $9.45
2D20 - 2 Cup 2 saucer PVC box espresso
Product ID : 2D20

Base Price: $3.50
2D35 - 2 Cup 2 saucer PVC box damask
Product ID : 2D35

Base Price: $3.50
2H-008 - 4pc Espresso set silver deco in Heart box
Product ID : 2H-008

Base Price: $5.60
2H-180 - 4pc Espresso set silver border w/heart box
Product ID : 2H-180

Base Price: $5.60
2SQ-805 - 2 cup 2 saucer in square box classic
Product ID : 2SQ-805

Base Price: $5.50
DS1212 - Deluxe Cake Plate Diamante Collection
Product ID : DS1212

Base Price: $10.25
6SQ-810 - 6 Cup 6 saucer in square box modern
Product ID : 6SQ-810

Base Price: $9.45
2H-01275 - 4pc Espresso set in heart box silver
Product ID : 2H-01275

Base Price: $5.60
2H-184 - 4pc Espresso set gold deco w/heart box
Product ID : 2H-184

Base Price: $5.60
6MC008-S - 12pc Espresso set w/hat box deco silver
Product ID : 6MC008-S

Base Price: $10.85
6MC180-A - 12pc Espresso set w/hat box border silver
Product ID : 6MC180-A

Base Price: $10.85
6MC184A-1 - 12pc Espresso set w/hat box gold deco
Product ID : 6MC184A-1

Base Price: $10.85
2SQ-810 - 2 Cup 2 Saucer in square box modern
Product ID : 2SQ-810

Base Price: $5.04
All favors designed and produced by D'Lusso Designs. All favors manufactured adhering D'Lusso Designs excellent level of high quality control. All favors are original D'Lusso Designs products.