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Terms and Conditions

Most orders usually ship within 2-3 business days. Orders ship UPS Ground. Orders can be shipped expedited but will require you to call us to make arrangements. Orders book review essay that need to be shipped same day will require an additional fee of $7.99. Orders must be placed by 1:00 PM in order to ship same day.
We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. No chargebacks are permitted on the basis that goods were sent to a different address other than the one listed for the credit card. No chargebacks are permitted for any reason. Any issue that arises were a chargeback may be concerned must first be attempted to be resolved in writing between the party charging back and DLusso Designs. You agree that chargebacks where this procedure is not followed will be deemed invalid by DLusso designs and the respective financial institution.
All orders are shipped ONLY UPS ground unless otherwise specified. UPS ground rates apply. Our system is automated and shipping addresses that are input into our system are processed exactly as entered. Any packages shipped to an incorrect address will incur a UPS $11.00 surcharge PER PACKAGE. UPS considers a missing apt. number or building number or anything that varies from the actual address as an incorrect address. If UPS charges us for any address change at all, you agree that your credit card will be charged $11.00 PER PACKAGE. Freight charges calculated by our website are APPROXIMATE and may vary depending on whether a package is overweight, oversize, or shipping to the West Coast of the United States or to Canada. Exact shipping costs cannot be determined unless order is packaged and set on our UPS scale. We will not be responsible for orders that get lost, arrive late, mislabeled boxes, processing mistakes, orders left at the customer’s door by UPS and not recovered or orders that arrive damaged. UPS is the carrier….not us. If UPS leaves a package at a customer’s door and customer claims they not receive it, customer will have to contact UPS directly to generate an investigation. D’Lusso Designs will not be responsible to expedite a replacement order by any other means but UPS ground unless customer wants to pay for express shipment. For any order that is left at door by UPS and not recovered by customer, it is the total responsibility of the customer to generate a claim and/or investigation for the packages. For the time being, we only ship within the United States and Canada. For all shipments, especially Canadian shipments, please note that orders become the possession of the customer once they leave the warehouse. Any issues that arise from damages, refused goods, incorrect addresses, delays, human error, Canadian customs become the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the destination customer. This also includes any freight issues that arise. Any Canadian order that is refused, canceled in transit or any other issue, customer is aware that they will be responsible for freight coming and going as well as any Canadian brokerage and/or customs fees that pertain to the order. Please note that this policy is strictly enforced and we will assist you to the best of our abilities in issues that may arise.

Please note that oversize, overweight and shipments to the western United States may incur additional freight charges not calculated by our website calculator. Due to constantly changing rates for fuel and UPS charges, ALL freight quotes on this website are approximate and may vary. D’Lusso Designs cannot be held responsible for any difference between estimated freight quotes and actual freight charges. If you need an exact freight quote, please request one in the special instructions section of the checkout.

All claims for damages must be made within 7 days of delivery. No exceptions. We cannot be held responsible for replacements that may or may not make it in time for your client’s events. Under no circumstances will D’Lusso Designs be responsible for any shipping charges other than UPS ground freight that may arise from damages, lost packages, human error or incorrect items that may have shipped by accident. We urge you to place orders within a reasonable time frame to allow for situations that may arise. Please note that a valid damage claim is one where the item is either broken or not functional. All items on website have dimensions and weights listed. Claims for damaged items will require proof of damages in the form of pictures sent to us. NO CLAIM WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT FORWARDED PICTURES. D’Lusso Designs deals in many types of materials. Variations in ceramics, porcelains, glass that occur naturally in production of these materials are not considered damages. Returns due to what a customer may deem as a defect or if the customer had different expectations of the quality of the item DO NOT CONSTITUTE GROUNDS FOR A FULL REFUND OF ITEM AND FREIGHT. Customers are welcome to return their order at their expense and will be credited for only the goods upon reciept of the goods. What one customer considers a defect, another customer will not. Therefore, it is not an exact classification of a damage. Refused orders will still be charged freight charges incurred in shipping to destination. Damaged items can only be issued credit. There are no reships for damaged products that that are ordered in qty = 6 or less. All claims for damages should be directed to
Items can be returned within 7 days of delivery with a restocking fee of 25%. Customer will pay ALL freight charges coming and going. If customer needs to return an order, they need to make all shipping arrangement to get the goods back to us. A RETURN AUTHORIZATION IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RETURN ANY GOODS. If an order is returned to us without written authorization, it will be refused and returned back to you. All items must be in original condition and packaging. Once items are received at our warehouse and we approve receipt, only then will you be credited. Partial returns will not be accepted UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Return orders need to be in the same quantity as original order. Also, items that have been discontinued cannot be returned for any reason whatsoever. Floral arrangements are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged.
Orders can be canceled at no charge only before they are entered into our UPS shipping system. Once orders are processed through UPS, they can only be canceled for a UPS charge of $11.00 per package and any additional freight incurred by rerouting the goods back to our warehouse. Also, there is no guarantee that a package can be rerouted in time before arriving to destination. We urge you to be sure of what you are ordering. Canceling orders can be expensive.
Since most items in our line are handmade, D’Lusso Designs cannot be responsible for variations in color, minor variations in design, size, shape, weight or to any accessories added to the product in assembly (stones, crystals, pearls etc). Our customers can be assured that we make every effort possible to control the quality of our products. Packaging coloring may also vary and exact coloring cannot be guaranteed since items may have been ordered and different times. D’Lusso Designs will not be held responsible for any claim made regarding to variations of coloring of the item or its packaging, or any fees that may arise to remedy any such claims.
All floral arrangement products are custom made and are not stock items. Therefore, please note that floral arrangement items are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges will be allowed. Customer will be responsible for all freight charged incurred by carrier should goods be refused or undeliverable or any other situation that could arise. Floral arrangements will usually ship in
All images, designs, photographs and written materials on this website are intellectual property of D’Lusso Designs and, therefore, protected by all copyright and trademark laws. All worldwide rights and interest are owned by D’Lusso Designs. Any attempt to copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute or exploit this website in any way without permission from D’Lusso Designs will result in legal action to the fullest extent of copyright law.
If you have any questions or need to speak to us for any reason, please call (845) 267-3710 or via fax (845) 267-3712 Monday thru Friday 9:00AM – 4:30PM EST. we will be more than happy to assist you.